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Welcome to Planette Earth.com

Planette Earth is a non corporate Renaissance website for People, Ideas and their development. The aim is to foster a cooperative creativity that will add to the budding renaissance that is developing in the U.K. and around the world. Planette Earth is open to anyone, providing they agree to use their best efforts to conduct themselves in a manner that is Discerning, Ethical, Streamlined and Lawful.

As I was too young to enjoy the Renaissance that happened to Britain in the 1960s, so I decided to add a bit of Flower Power to my 60s by trying to revive a cooperative creativity I perceive as endangered, and so contribute to the current Renaissance. The world portrayed by the media appears more material, specialist, qualified and separated, requiring expert or celebrity opinions to endorse a value. Many people appear to have lost confidence and curiosity, and seem happy to be spoon fed whatever is given to them.

The Power to Flower is when an individual or group is able to access the elements necessary for cooperative creativity. Choosing to express your own creativity allows you to flower, by giving your idea a presence on the Earth that can be enjoyed by you and others. Constructive help gained by communicating with others engaged in cooperative creativity during this process is generally welcome.

 Planette: Means a small plan that can be implemented by an individual, household or Group. The picture on the front page is an example of a Planette, called “Decorating your desk” and is found orbiting the Starette; “Working from Home”. I painted the picture “Timescape” to remind me about what I am supposed to be doing, which is studying the nature of balance. Most people view orbits as paths, but an orbit is also an expression of balance. To read my interpretation of “Timescape and Des” click here.

Earth is our habitat which we share with a multitude of different life forms. Life has evolved through a lot of cooperation mixed with a little competition. The current fashion of promoting “The Survival Of The Fittest” as the main driver of life on Earth is erroneous, fostering conflict instead of cooperation. Cooperative Creativity is a contribution to restoring a more representative balance to the public perception of nature.

. Dot Stands for "Defence of the" and here at Planetteearth.com the com stands for "Contract of Manure" which is the little known observation that animals do not steal, but always pay their way in the natural economy. The natural economy is based on energy transactions. In simple terms, a portion of the energy from the Sun that falls on the Earth is converted by lifeforms into the products they need in order to exist. As in any economy constant injections of energy are needed to maintain the required conditions for that economy to function. Of the lifeforms on the Earth, there are two basic varieties, animals and vegetables and between them they regulate the environment so that they can survive. This is not a conscious decision by individual lifeforms but inherent in their design. If we take Carbon Dioxide as an example, then the work is allocated as follows:- Animals breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide. Plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. There is another part of the equation. Both animals and plants need minerals and nutrients to build their bodies. So essential to this is a mechanism to deliver them, which I call the C.O.M. The C.O.M. is an abbreviation for “Contract of Manure.”

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