A distinct lack of credibility

IMG_0719Most biographies contain a list of qualifications at notable schools and universities that lead to a career and steady progress up the ladder, so by the time you get to your  sixties,  your are a respected authority in your chosen field of expertise. You won't read that in this one! Nor will you read about a rebel or maverick who took chances and relished the ups and downs of living on the edge.

Prepare to be bored. I am from a middle class background, my family was in the catering business. I left school at sixteen, with five 'O' levels to attend a technical college to study "Hotel and Catering Management" so that I could become the next "Charles Forte."

This approach was, on reflection, not that suitable as a route to doing what my heart knew instinctively from the age of seven, that I wanted to be an inventor, and later compounded by reading the Sci fi book "Dune" which created the desire to be a "Mentat" (A Generalist rather than a Specialist) as well. I only ever read the original work so am not familiar with later writings of the Dune franchise. This dilema is not unique to me and applies to most people who have to balance: Doing the right thing and earning a living.

Work wise, Catering was not for me, owning to the long hours, but learning to cook and live well would benefit most people, After a selection of different jobs I ended up as a Croupier, which suited me as I had a good eye for pattern recognition, and combined it with a service mentality into the "Art of Serving Money". So Gaming was where I spent some twenty years out of thirty nine. The nineteen years were spent on various "Escape" plans that failed to deliver on the "Earning a Living" side of the equation.

I have been retired since 2004 pursuing my ideas on global warming etc.

The question: "Now that you are older, are you any wiser?" is best answered by this quote from a Desk Sign Flip Book titled "Senior Moments" available from Books by Boxer. (click here to visit their website.)

"Age brings wisdom... or age shows up alone. You just never know."