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Nuts du Jour.

Four tasty morsels, one about timing, another about Know and two mystery quotes to stimulate your philosophy taste buds.


Balancing Act

Partake of a heady brew and view things without the dogma.

Point Central

Take the first sip to understand the Vortex of Consequence and allow harmony to happen, so cool, so refreshing.


The Carbon Standard 300/30

A perky little idea, with a 2007 vintage, addressing in simple terms how to deal with Global Warming Aka Climate Change. Tastily made with three simple ingredients and served raw, so you can savour the flavour!!

Main Meals

Financial Rehab

A look at how the nature of a currency affects the economy, offering a novel view of as to why things have always been like this.

Financial Rehab Part 2

Offers a view into how natures currency, energy could be used as a benchmark, and how it could work.

Working from home in a second hand  caravan

An economical approach saving you time effort and money, as well as getting a decent chair into the bargain!!


Pondering around circulation

A sweet solution, that is also one for the birds!!


The Carbon Standard 300/30 Story

A six chapter meal that speculates what may happen if the Carbon Standard 300/30 actually happened, from it's starting point until 2050. Written with humour in a non technical style, ultimately a feel good ending.