By David Somers.

Traditional Industrial Ecologist.

© June 14th 2015.


Stellarnomics is the understanding of the dynamics of using energy power units (E.g. Kilowatt Hours) as a value benchmark for a currency.

The aim is to create the sustainable money/currency of the future.

To be sustainable, the currency must balance the stewardship needs of the three Es:

  • Environment, so that the currency is beneficial to all indigenous lifeforms that inhabit the diverse ecological habitats on earth and beyond.
  • Energy, Human civilisation uses energy, and since the industrial revolution, technology has moved from muscle to machine and used much more energy, so a secure and benign supply is essential, but not at the expense of the environment or the economy.
  • The Economy is where most of the action takes place, it’s activity permeates everywhere, it’s waste, if solid is buried in the land, if liquid or gas distributed around the globe by the interaction of the Sun and the two oceans known commonly known as the Sea and the Air. Not forgetting the pieces of space junk, orbiting the Earth and landing or crashing on various moons and planets!!

In the future a portion of humanity will live in space, they are recruiting for a colony on Mars, which is a one way ticket!!

The currency they use on Mars, will eventually need to be convertible, so that people from Earth can go and visit. Because Mars is a “Rock” orbiting the Sun, the same needs apply as down on Earth, as regards a sustainable currency, Mars is the fourth “Rock” from the Sun, whereas Earth is the third “Rock” as portrayed in the TV series “Third Rock From The Sun”.

This begs the age old question is there intelligent life in the universe? I am of the opinion that the odds are in favour of other Intelligent life being in the universe. The odds are also in favour therefore of intelligent life looking for us, just as we look for them.

How they view us, is more to the point, than how we view them. Many years ago I remember reading that there was increased UFO activity after we started exploding atomic bombs. The writer said exploding nuclear bombs was what alerted the aliens to life on Earth, being intelligent, i.e. the ability to make an atomic bomb. I have always doubted the reasoning for this conclusion. To me it smacks of attention seeking, but not in a good way, I can think of many words beginning with the letter I that could replace intelligent!! A leading light in the hunt for contact with aliens is Jill Tarter who has spent her career looking for them. This link is worth a watch and has over one million views and includes the elegantly defining phrase "Technologically Adolescent".

This led me to conclude, that humanity needs to clean up its act, this was brought into my mind by what a friend said to me, after both of us had imbibed a modicum of alcohol one evening. “The trouble with your inventions is that whatever you come up with always has a moral component, everybody else just wants to make money, and leaves the moral bit to somebody else, that is why you haven’t made any money, and you are unlikely to anytime soon, if ever”.

This was a fair observation, with much truth in it, as others had hinted, or said less forcefully, over the years by quoting wisdom such as “If you can’t beat them, join them”. The result of this was somewhere between not a lot and none. So Stellarnomics being a moral discipline, may have little or no traction as an ideal economic model, apart from sending a signal that there could be intelligent life on Earth after all!!! Our history, would surely get in the way, but nothing is completely impossible, even members of the banking community could have a “Tolstoy Moment”, don’t hold your breath though!!! Have a look at this instead.

Our understanding of the Universe in which we live, is that it is a big place. The biggest items in it are galaxies, there are lots of them, we live in a galaxy on a planet we call Earth that orbits a star we call the Sun. The game plan of lifeforms to choose residential property in this universe is:

“Find a rock orbiting a star at the right distance, so that once it has been Terra-formed to your requirements the surface temperature will be maintained within the desired range”. Earth’s surface biology has adapted to temperature ranges between plus or minus forty degrees Centigrade approximately.

“If your rock spins on a vertical axis, then you can have night and day times, this is cool because sunsets are neat”. Earth has a day and night length of 24 Hours.

“If your rock has a moon or two and an ocean you get tides and Seafood to eat. Seafood will stay in the ocean and not try and try to eat you as long as you stay on the land”. Earth has one moon and lots of ocean.

The above quotes are from the Milky Way’s top Holovision, property show, “A Rock Around A Star”.

The Galaxisation of the economy will allow the whole galaxy to be commoditised, in much the same way as Earth has been globalised. It is not too difficult to imagine the fractional reserve banking system rising to the challenge in the same way they have on Earth, by encouraging people to develop an interest in developing holiday resorts. A Golf resort on the Moon, would enable golfers to perfect there driving skills in a place where gravity is less, the weather is windless and you can rent your Moon Villa to tourists, thereby paying the mortgage, when you are not using it. The added bonus is that if climate change on Earth starts going really pear shaped, you’ve got somewhere to go till they sort it out.

“Moon Villas”: Holiday, Investment, Income and Insurance all rolled into one. A No Brainer, decision.

Globalisation has been such a resounding success on Earth. Galaxisation is the next logical step. What could possibly go wrong???


Apart from developing some decent “Space Cred” (Space Cred is like Street Cred, if you haven’t got it nobody will want to play with you, or let you join their gang.), Space Cred is the galactic equivalent of what we term Kudos.

According to people who have studied this in depth, there are varying levels of civilization numbering from zero to three hundred. Earth is at level zero and as such is quarantined and has been for many thousands of years. Apparently when Earthlings stop war, look after the Environment and live in a just and caring society. Earth can be a level one civilization, the quarantine will be lifted, and we can progress. Here is a link to "Planet Ocean" on U tube. In my humble opinion the best film about the environment and and humanity ever made. Bag of popcorn and a soft drink  recommended.

Popcorn and soft drink is also recommended for this 1990 documentary about the Kogi people, a level one civilization that resides in South America.

So if we as a planet demonstrate that we are aware and savvy enough to balance the three Es (Environment, Energy and Economy), then we will have demonstrated that Humans are aware of the basic requirements for life, and are able to Rock around a star, along with the rest of life in this galaxy. This would be a start (Star T. Star meaning Star and T meaning a nice refreshing cuppa).  

For those of you who have done your homework and read Financial Rehab parts one and two, Stellanomics could be called Financial Rehab part three. It is titled Stellarnomics so that people do not confuse it with the A word, which is the current understanding of financial rehabilitation, now known as Austerity. Austere: the word that gave birth to the word austerity, means: harsh, stern, morally strict; severely simple. According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, to which I refer, is unusually, in these enlightened times, printed on paper in the form of a hardback book, which is a neat invention as it does not require any electricity to make it work, never gets hacked or updated, This book was published in 1975 and has performed flawlessly for forty years, without the need for maintenance, which is good for a piece of tech with 630 moving parts. You know where you are with a book, as long as you can remember where you left it!!!.

Stellarnomics is the common sense approach to money if you live on a planet that orbits a star and don’t want to spook your neighbours.

Just like paint it does what it says on the tin. Stellar refers to stars and their immediate vicinity and nomics is added to the end of words used by english speaking earthlings, when we try test an idea by measuring it, using defined units, such as metres, minutes, watts etc.

Stellarnomics is the name that Planette Earth will promote, for the discipline of successfully using units of energy as a currency value benchmark. The currency will be based locally, Each local economy will perform differently, because each local economic area will operate within a unique ecological environment, however they will share the same energy benchmark, which will allow the currencies to be convertible within a Stellar and Global macro-environment. Just to be really trendy, we can call this method of development Quantum Evolutionary Development, or QED for short. As one size never fits all, this will negate the problems inherent in large centrally controlled currencies spread across diverse regions, such the Euro and US Dollar.

The Moral bit (Or Ethical bit when using DES Discerning, Ethical, Streamlined.) which I refer to will be based on the Earth Charter, which I only discovered recently. The Earth Charter is an “All Life” document, which humans can subscribe to, being the dominant species on Earth. It is comprehensive, but does require an amendment to include Electro-Magnetic radiation, owing to the recent emerging dominance of the internet and media methods of content distribution in “The information Age” encroaching and disrupting the Bionet by swamping the frequencies that the mobile species of birds and insects such as bees, use to navigate. This is as inconvenient for those lifeforms affected, as a return flight from a holiday on the Costa del Sol would be for humans if the navigation system on the aircraft decided that Manchester Airport was located two thousand miles due west of London!! The Earth Charter can be found and downloaded here:

Stellarnomics will also test the “Planette Earth And You, The Power To Flower” slogan. It is all very well having someone like me posting their thoughts and ideas, but if Planette Earth is to join the renaissance and add some cooperative creativity to the changing world we live on, then by definition, I cannot do cooperation as an individual, what I write about has to resonate enough with the website visitors to make them want to add their thoughts and observations to the mix. What happens in the next few months, will test the practicality of my approach to the planette!!!

My observation of creativity in people, is that, there is a creative spark in everyone. People are very inhibited by not wanting to appear silly, rock the boat, upset people, the tyranny of time or compromise the persona they have chosen to present to the world. I often “hold my tongue” as experience has taught me, that most people are actually hostile to anything that challenges their world-view of reality. Much of this posture is a habitual response from the childhood environment we are each exposed to. These days the situation has intensified, making self-censorship part of your own health and safety regime a necessity, in order to accommodate whatever the consensus reality projected by the mainstream media dictates that you should love or hate.

This makes asking people to comment on or add to an idea, a big ask.

If you are going to step up to this big ask, here is another ask. Unfortunately with the dawn of the digital age, which has given us “Menu Driven Software”, as well as the obligation to judge pretty much everything and everyone, even if we know nothing about the subject, we are expected to have an opinion based solely on a deliberately phrased leading question. This began with the “Big Brother” TV show which was first shown in the UK in 2000, and was a global success as this link will indicate:

In 2015 the airwaves are stuffed with shows that make people (contestants) perspire. As they answer questions, perform tasks and await judgement. Heaven appears to forbid the broadcasting of anything, featuring participants relaxing, having fun or appearing unstressed. The news programs are complicit by following the maxim “If it bleeds, let it lead.”

The menu driven software, approach to questions is just as pervasive, because it means that you have to choose from a list of permitted answers, leading to an arena that is not suited to your individual perception of your world. Anything done by a computer is reduced to a collection of 1s and 0s, equating to Yes or No, the simplest “menu”. On a grumpy day I refer to this as GCR “Grunt Click Response”. As I work with defining my world in terms of balance, an observation is described in the ratio of yes to no, which provides a potentially infinite range of answers. This is more profound than you think it is, unless you are experiencing a penny drop at the moment.

Back in the 1970s a device called a Memristor was designed. This is an old idea, giving computer chips the ability to define data in a ratio format, rather than a simple yes or no. Here is a link:

Then if you garnish the concept with the saucy idea, of using photons instead of electrons to operate the chips, you have an approach with considerable degree of enlightenment, all be it some fifty years late.

Strange as it may seem, there is even a British Company shedding some light on the matter.

This would allow computer data to be defined in the four dimensional axes that we are familiar with: X,Y,Z,T otherwise known as Width, Height, Depth and Time. Thus giving ourselves a chance to model our world with a semblance of realism. We could call this Quadrelational Code or QC for short.

Enough of that, we are where we are, which is existing as a unique lifeform, in a universe where all the places and lifeforms are unique and influenced by their unique exposure to their environment, ipso facto one size does not fit all, so try to view things in terms of balance, because your observations are unique and just as valid as anyone else’s, but make sure they are your observations, not someone else’s prejudices.

Here is a brief outline of a local economy of sort most people live in, reprinted from Financial Rehab Part Two.

 Barter Currency Collateral in a Bread and Butter Economy.

In our BABE (Bread and Butter Economy) that uses Jubbly as a currency (JUBILEE) (Joule Underwritten Barter Initiative Local Energy Exchange), the collateral that underwrites the currency is the energy required to make it function.

The mechanism used to create Jubbly is the forward selling of production, that is measured in Kilowatt Hours. In practical terms as a simple example:

You wish to put a solar panel on your roof to generate some electricity. The calculation you do is called EROEI (Energy Return On Energy Invested). EROEI produces a ratio that needs to be greater than 1:1 or you are creating a loss for yourself.

The EROEI for crude oil has dropped from 100:1 when Oil was first extracted down to 14:1 today, which illustrates the hole that the global economy has dug for itself, by not developing renewable energy when the first oil crisis struck in 1974. Shale Oil is a mere 5:1 Simon Wilson wrote an article for Money Week in December 2013 titled “Is this the end for growth?” Which illustrates EROEI, but you have to log on to read it.

Alternatively the no hassle Wikipedia is at your service:

Production that is sold forward can be in many different forms. Here is a list of the major ones that we are likely to find in a BABE

Water: Sea water, Rainwater, Spring water, Mineral Water and Utility water.

Fuel: Coal, Gas, Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Logs, Electricity.

Food: Fruit, Nuts, Grains, Pulses, Vegetables, Meat, Eggs, Dairy Produce.

Clothing: Hats, Shoes, Bedding, All types of clothing.

Shelter: Tents, Caravans, Mobile Homes, Flats, Houses, Commercial Property.

Transport: Bicycles, Trailers, Horses, Cars, Vans, Trains, Boats, Planes.

Leisure: Hobbies, Crafts, Sports, Personal Development.

Labour: All types of labour from unskilled to Highly skilled.

Governance: Police, Judiciary, Emergency services, Diplomacy.

Communications: Letters, email, Telephone, Radio, T.V., Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Oratory and Conversation.

Healthcare: Decontamination, Testing, Diagnosis, Environmental protection, Drugs synthetic and Natural, Therapies.

Education: Literacy, Manners, Awareness, Social interaction, Skill development.

One of the missing titles is finance, The arrangement of credit is one of the most un-streamlined parts of the western economies, which is why in the U.K. “Financial Services” account for such a large part of the economy in terms of GDP, but it is in a large part a non-productive sector, in that it is just data-shuffling activity. It is only productive in the same way that a Casino or Bookmaker is.

A Barter Currency is based on tangible production to be delivered at some point in the future, which is measured in Kilowatt hours if it is units of “Jubbly” (JUBILEE) as described. You as an individual create units of Barter Currency by forward selling your production. All that is required is that what you propose to produce is acceptable to the Barter Currency issuer. This process streamlines credit creation.

Once established, Barter Currency represents a fluctuating portfolio of future production that if it is “Jubbly”, is unique to a particular BABE and its LEAF. The cost of the production in Kilowatt Hours, is quantifiable, so is the scrap value, but the probable price relative to a fiat currency is impossible to predict. However the nature of a BABE is that it can function with or without a Fiat currency.

I must now thank you the reader for your curiosity and tenacity for getting this far. I will conclude with a brief list of the main points that you can have fun with in a social context, should the conversation end up discussing the economy and Bit coin or other types of currency, HOTELS is an aide memoir.

H: Harmony with nature.

O: Owned by lifeforms only.

T: Tangible intrinsic value.

E: Energy based

L: Locally oriented and governed.

S: Secure against theft and debasement.