You can light many candles from one lighted candle.

The act of lighting another candle from the first in no way diminishes the light coming from the original candle.

This page is the Candle List of leading lights.

When a candle runs out of wick, it is no longer with us on Earth. The Universe remembers the light and marks the sky with a star.

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The first candle shows comedy without malice. It is marked with a star as two of the finest exponents of this art are no longer with us. The two Ronnies, each a master of their craft. They are awarded four candles for reasons that will be apparent if the reader is curious enough to follow this link. Note: Readers born after 1990 are warned that this video contains an "Issue" where Ronnie Corbet fails to thank the customer and sincerely express his hope that the customer will "Enjoy the rest of their day". If you are watching the video after 2019, the obligatory prefix to this hope "It has been an honour and privilege to serve you" is also omitted. 

A better nights sleep.

From a simple observation to a neat application. This is free so try it and see.

Enlightened way to transmit data.

Why Fry with WiFi? When you can LiFi.

Repairing Desertification.

Nothing to do with puddings, but an inspiring story of how to extract ourselves from a right pickle, by observing nature accurately. Savour this recipe!!

Sovereign Creativity.

Since Pop music kicked off in the sixties, what you get to hear on mainstream music has been increasingly controlled by corporate interests. The internet has given listeners and artists a chance to regain their sovereignty. It is not easy to get noticed in the vast content crowd of the modern world, or if you are a listener to know where to look, because of the bureaucracy  inherent in the design of search engines. An excellent example of the downside to the individual of large scale is embodied in this Article.

Here is a link to the unique that struck a chord with me. This band embodies the five elements of natural musical creativity in their performances. Sound, Sight, Sentience, Spirit and Sovereignty. "Without further ado", as they say in show business (Well they used to!!) enjoy Lux Lisbon, As a taster I recommend this Video on U tube.

Fix my roof.

This website is a double candle because of 1: The quality of information and 2: The way the information is presented. The information is created by someone with skill and experience in the roofing, so it is practical, defining a problem, then describing a solution. The readers understanding is reinforced by presenting the information in an article, as well as a relevant video. Quench your thirst by learning about Condensation and Black Mold.