KNOW. Kiss Nature On Wednesday

Kiss Nature On Wednesday

Here in Planette Earth cyberspace Interstellar Gases are thoughts observations and questions that do not orbit around anything, but wander freely and can therefore be attracted to any of the larger ideas that because of their conceptual "gravity" attract attention in relation to their intellectual and emotional mass.

Here are some examples:

"Diversity creates Unity. Uniformity creates Division." Is quote by me, at least I think that it is, if is not please let me know and I will credit the original author.

"Be the Change you wish to see". Is a quote by Ghandi. The Modern version of this wisdom is "Walk the Talk".

The fall of the Cherry tree.
An observation about timing.

When we moved to our present address which was about five years ago in the garden just outside the sun lounge was a dead Cherry tree, it had the small branches removed and was just a trunk with a few stumpy remains of the branches. Our first reaction was I wonder why that is there and why it was not taken down, when we went and examined it and it was quite firm you couldn't push it or make it move, it was still quite firm and definitely dead. It was only a small tree about 3 m tall so we left it and decided to hang the bird feeder from the tree, so that we could watch the birds from the sun lounge as they fed.

So as these last five years have passed we watched the birds feed. We had two woodpeckers visit, a green one with a redhead and the other was black and white. As the tree became more rotted, they would make holes in the trunk and hide nuts in the holes that they had made. The woodpeckers gave us great pleasure as you don't normally see them and so we felt privileged that they would come to our dead tree in the garden.

This morning I went to feed the birds and had to fill up the bird feeder, as I lifted the empty bird feeder off the tree it moved, I thought that is unusual, the tree doesn't normally move and when I returned with the bird feeder full, I thought I ought to check it's all right the tree moving, and so I pushed it with my finger and it fell over. I was most surprised and wondered why it had decided to fall over today.

I went back in the house and told my wife what had happened, that the tree had fallen over, and how on our Political Anticipation course we were trying to decide when things were due to happen. To me the tree was a sort of parallel to the problem of working out when something will happen.

So as tomorrow we will doubtless discuss timing, I decided to put this little story up on the forum. If any of you are helped by this story, we will know why the tree decided to fall over today!

What I have learned from the tree is that dead things have their uses, until they decay to the point where it only takes a finger to push them over. Therefore if something is rotting, the trigger event can be very small. If however, you are a woodpecker, make sure that where you store your nuts, will still be there when you come back for them!!


"The leaders of the future, will be those leaders who do not need enemies in order to stay in power."

The author of this quote is not known.


"I want what the tape can deliver, the full spectrum of sound."

Keith Richards.

Biscuits. The tendency of people to to eat too many biscuits. The author of this quote is unknown. This takes the biscuit though!!!

"I eat biscuits, so I don't buy biscuits!!"

Being Cultured.

"There is more to being cultured than spending a week in a petri dish."


"We can appreciate that we are nothing. But we can live like we matter".

Lee Camp: Comedian, not to everyone's taste though!

Special Drawing Rights.

These are awarded by the Head Teacher to the kids who can afford to buy Extra Large Crayons.

Is the Earth a Spaceship??

Some people have described the Earth as a spaceship, which is a useful perspective to look at. Life on Earth is the crew of the spaceship. Here are links to the idea and one representation.