If you have an idea and put it into practice, then you have "Walked The Talk". This is no small achievement in itself.

Whether your idea works well, badly or fails completely is the result of the risk you have accepted.

The saying " If you have never made a mistake, you have never made anything", is your only consolation.

To avoid treading in the Dudi, you need to do some DuDi (DuDi is short for Due Diligence.).

This page will develop into a list of successful Planeteers with a Post about their story of how their planette was created and their practical wisdom learned by experience. By nature they are small to medium sized enterprises that are owned by the people who run them.

These people have a practical wisdom of experience that is alive. This type sage advice not available in a classroom or book.

As most Planetteers are entrepreneurs, the only ones I feature will be ones that I use myself and would recommend to others.

A link to the Planettes they have created will appear in their Post and under the Candles list.