If you have an idea, and would like to do something with it, then it is common sense to have planette of action. To use a cooking metaphor, you need to assemble the ingredients, equipment and you (IEY). Most cook books omit the "you" bit, because it is taken for granted, that you are the one reading the recipe. Many years ago at catering college, because we were learning Classical French Cuisine, we had to learn a bit of  French speak, and the french term for getting things ready to cook is "mise en place" which translates into English as "Things In Place". I like this term because it is more picture than list, so it asks your mind to imagine in four dimensions. I.e. cooking takes time, and things have to be done in order for all the food to be ready to serve at the same time, because it is no good serving the meat first and the gravy half an hour later!!

Classical French Cuisine also required that you dressed for the part in "Chefs Kit" otherwise known as "Whites", so you had to prepare yourself before beginning to cook! A planette is something new to you, that you haven't done before, so preparing yourself is the approach of spending a little time now, to save a lot of time later. This is an irksome burden to modern earthlings, who when excited and enthusiastic start to end gain. Assembling flat pack furniture, reading the handbook for your new to you, new car, are examples where enthusiastic excitement trumps inhibition. My little Aide memoir for this is DOOR, because it is easier to open the door before trying to walk through the doorway.

Discern: Perceive what is blocking your progress.

Orient: Position yourself so that you can reach the handle.

Operate: Unlock, turn door handle, open door!!

Resume: Continue on your journey through the doorway.

Simple stuff I know, but I have only started to try and employ inhibition, over the last few years, but it is not second nature to me yet, so in the spirit of creative co-operation I try to let others learn from my errors. I will post an amusing anecdote on this subject in a while.

So observing that the "You" part of "Things In Place" is an important foundation of the creative process,  this link to gives a little food for thought.

Your Book.

A book is like the ultimate "Brochure For You" as it shares your skills and insights, but not your unique "Know How" and practical wisdom. Writing even a small booklet, requires the know how of practical and successful publishing, which most people do not have, in order to make their book a successful endeavor.

I recently met a group of talented people who help people to publish successful books. A look at their website illustrates what is involved in publishing a successful book. If you have a book in you that is itching to see the light of day. Click Here.