Planettes and Orbits.
Here in Planette Earth Cyberspace or (Pec), which will hopefully evolve into a Miniverse Of Ideas (Minoi) relating to local economies and communities. As a visitor you need to be able to navigate your Deckchair around Pec ( A Miniverse is a realm within the Universe.) The three letter abbreviations are to make use of the Tags function of a WordPress website so that it will be easy to find what you are looking for when there are more ideas to look through. The categories part will enable you to explore the detail of ideas at different levels, from the “Big Picture” to the “Twiddley Bits”.
I began with the word Planette and so I decided to keep with astronomical theme, the other advantage is I can whinge about how parochial Earthling leadership has become since I left school, looking ever more inward under the banner of Globalisation.
In our Miniverse of Ideas every idea orbits (touches) every other idea and how they connect is governed by their conceptual gravity. This realm is populated by Topics, Subjects, Embodiments, Ideas, Components, Elements, thoughts, observations and questions.

Pec = Planette Earth Cyberspace.

Minoi = Miniverse of ideas. A Miniverse is all that pertains to our locality and Planet.

Medoi = Mediverse of ideas. A Mediverse is all that pertains to our Solar System.

Maxoi = Maxiverse of ideas. A Maxiverse is all that pertains to our Galaxy.

Galaxette =  A Galaxette is the largest and therefore broadest topic with many ideas that spin around its centre.

Constelette =  A Constelette is a subject with several embodiments that create a pattern of ideas.

Starette =  A Starette is a single embodiment with a family of ideas that orbit around it.

Planette =  A Planette is an idea orbiting a Starette, that idea is complete and can be installed, it just needs somewhere to place it.

Satelette =  A Satelette orbits a Planette and is a component of the idea, it may be in orbit around other Planettes.

Asterette =  An Asterette can orbit around anything larger than itself, because it is an element of a component.

Interstellar Gases =  Interstellar Gases are thoughts, observations and questions that do not materialise with an orbit around anything, but wander freely and can therefore be attracted to any of the larger ideas that because of their conceptual "gravity" attract attention in relation to their intellectual and emotional mass.