Welcome to your Quick Guide To Planette Earth.

Guides are useful when you land somewhere you have never been to before, the cyberspace where Planette Earth manifests is strange for many reasons:

A) It is a non-corporate website in that it is designed to encourage people to behave in a creative and cooperative manner so that if their “normal” is not working well, they can choose and create alternatives to change their normal for the better (hopefully!).

B) Alternatives represent change, people do not like change, they prefer to stay in their comfort zone, even if it is less comfortable than it was a while ago. Even just thinking about change requires curiosity, courage and commitment. Man is a creature of habit, living in a dynamic and changing world. We as Individuals, Households and Groups need to adapt in a positive life enhancing ways or we sink deeper into the mire of a normal that is well past it’s sell by date.

C) Now is a good time to visit a different site if you feel unsure about looking round this one, you can always come back another time to look when you feel more positive.

1) As you are still with me, the first point is Attitude. Everything has an attitude, and this site reflects my attitude which is summed up by the picture that is on the home page, the interpretation of it is viewed by clicking here.

 2) Recognise that change always has to push against the inertia of habit. So do not take yourself too seriously. Be open, be silly, be happy, these are good things that can prevent us banging our heads against brick walls, because they allow us to see the wall, before making contact with it (Low ceilings and doorways are more sneaky!!).

3) On Planette Earth you move around this Miniverse of ideas using your  Deckchair. This encourages you to look at an idea with an open mind, according to the maxim "Where you sit is where you stand". In oldspeak people had a "Point of View", which by nature of the phrase would imply that there can be many other points of view, your own being just one of them. Click here to read about Deckchairs.

4) Planette Earth is for Lifeforms not Deathforms which is why I call it non corporate. The distinction is relevent because lifeforms are born connected to the other web, known as the "Web of Life", which I refer to as the "Bionet". The understanding and definition of what is living and what is dead is actually a complex subject, too big to be part of  a quick guide to Planette Earth. The quick guide definition is as follows:

A Lifeform is a sentient being with the ability to make choices. A Deathform is not sentient and has choices made for it. e.g a zombie or a bus.

5) The aim is to make Planette Earth a comfortable and relaxing place to visit, whilst at the same time being stimulating and refreshing. This why I have chosen two photos taken at daybreak as background images.

The one at the top of the page is called "Moonset" because it shows the Moon at dawn which heralds the end of Darkness that characterises a new day. The main one on the rest of the page is called "Swan dawn" because I was lucky enough for two swans flying East to greet the new day being in the photo of sunrise. The text is green and this combination is less stark than black and white. By listening to you memory you can hear the "swoosh, swoosh, swoosh" sound they make as they fly. If you have never heard swans fly click here.

Note: This recording does not compare to my own experience when the two swans in the photo flew directly over me, circa ten metres above me.

  6) The structure of information