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The Stellarnomics Cook Book

"It's Not The Economy, It's The Earth, Stupid!!"

Welcome to the dishes that make life taste better. Just click on the Links.

First, a whiff of what's cooking: Stellarnomics Overview.

Secondly, a peek at some ingredients: Stellarnomics Introduction.


As everything is going so well, why bother? : Financial Rehab.

What to do about it, if you are bothered: Financial Rehab Part 2 Chapters 1,2 and 3.


A simple dish with three ingredients to reduce Carbon Dioxide levels in the Atmosphere.


This is my recipe for generating electricity for fuel synthesis. The patent was granted on 22/9/2015 and will be published in the patents journal on 21/10/2015. If reading patent applications is too dry for your taste, this post is a lot easier to swallow!!

Fuel synthesis has been demonstrated, in the UK.

Any project to develop anything different to the mainstream solutions is fraught with difficulty and it is worth watching this interview with an American which charts the history of "Over Unity" technology, otherwise called "Free Energy". I am a Luddite when it comes to involving the dimension of time to balance the equations, also building Fusion Reactors (Because we already have one, called the Sun conveniently located at the centre of our solar system!!) and Cold Fusion. My point being that all energy consumption ends up as heat, nobody wants to address this part of the argument, unless this is done you will turn global warming into global overheating!!


This is a section that is omitted from most cook books, as the reader is taken for granted. A Cook Book will offer you a planette, i.e. a recipe to create something to eat. ThisĀ  is about the preparation of YOU before you start cooking, which will hopefully allow you to be creative more easily. If you are intending to put a planette into action, then you are going to become a Planetteer. The gateways to the art of Planetteering are oddly enough, found on the page titled Planetteering!!