By David Somers.

Traditional Industrial Ecologist.

© August 28th 2015.


Stellarnomics is the common sense approach to money if you live on a planet that orbits a star and don’t want to spook your neighbours.

Stellarnomics is the science and art needed to create and maintain a currency, based on the universal benchmark of energy units. The objective is to create a monetary system that demonstrates that the species has evolved with an organisational structure of justice freedom cooperation and respect for both its members and the other lifeforms that interact with it.

By modelling the biosphere and it’s response to the solar radiation from the star a planet is orbiting, the amount of energy transactions will demonstrate the effect of life itself on the climate. In the case of Earth these energy transactions are the natural “Utilities”, they are well over one thousand times greater that all the energy used by man. This starting point gives an energy transaction value to all of life on Earth. One of the most obvious is that a forest is worth more alive as standing timber than as wood pulp in terms of energy transactions.

Once you look at the big picture, you can see how the pieces fit together. Stellanomics is concerned with the three Es. Energy, Economy and Environment:


Energy: Human civilisation prides itself on being adaptable. We create this ability by using our technology to make little environmental bubbles that allow us to live in comfort despite the weather. Houses have heating, cooling, running water and cooking. We get around in Cars, Trains, Boats and Planes. All this requires energy.

Economy: We get other people to help us, willingly or not and this creates economic activity. We hide the true cost of our activities by creating fiat currencies, with no tangible value, coercing their use and ignoring any inconvenient costs while their imagined value collapses over time.

Environment: This is treated as a larder and rubbish dump, yet without a healthy environment, human civilisation faces collapse and possible extinction.

Species that evolve the use of tools and other technology often just use this technology as a predatory advantage, to dominate their own kind and other species. As their technology becomes more advanced then they embed themselves on a treadmill of competition, needing to devote more and more resources to maintain the status they have achieved, as resistance to their evermore centralised and mechanical systems grows, these systems begin to decay and corrupt as they expand. Thereby demonstrating that power corrupts, the more absolute the power, the absolute the corruption. As with all holes, the deeper they are, the more unstable they become, creating greater instability. Enormous damage is created as the sides cave in.


Stellarnomics studies our observable reality, measured in energy units (e.g. Kilowatt Hours.). By doing this we can see how our activities impact on the environment, this allows us to harmonise the needs of the economy, our energy needs and the needs of the environment, to create the most favourable result. Because these observations involve all of us, and all disciplines are required to have a “complete” picture that is valid. This empowers everyone to contribute to the economic debate, rather than the narrow spectrum of education and experience now employed to continue repeating the same mistakes, and making the same excuses.

If we are discerning, ethical and streamlined in our approach, behave in a co-operative and creative manner. Together we can propel this renaissance towards a future that will allow humanity and all life we interact with to flower in the sunshine of beauty and love.

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