Timescape and DES.
By David Somers © April 2013

bigcambigpic 004 crop
Although at first glance, this picture looks like a landscape, it is not. This reminds you to be discerning when looking things. There is a story in the picture, all stories contain a moral, reminding you to be ethical in your actions. Actions require energy, reminding you to tread lightly as you travel through your life, to do that, you need to be streamlined, or the wash from your efforts will harm others.
To be DES, you need to be Discerning, Ethical and Streamlined.
The Picture.
I will tell the tale of the main features of the picture, any interpretations you experience are your own.
First there is the sky which is not sky but it contains many colours and indicates that the universe allows almost infinite possibilities.
On the left is what looks like ice cream, of different flavours, however this is a colour-code in order to give reference to the timescale.
The first, is pale blue with flecks of green which is cool, refreshing and energising, showing the natural curving balance of nature.
Grey represents the little evil, which is when clever lifeforms see an opportunity and take advantage of it to the detriment of others. It is something which most of us do, whether it be adding items to an insurance claim, or any of the forms of petty theft that are characterised as perks of the job. This behaviour is socially acceptable because it is widely practised. It is perceived that obtaining a bargain has no consequences, such as buying cheap clothes made by children in developing countries whose conditions of work are not acceptable here.
Purple is the colour of imperial power, when position and influence control the price paid for what is desired. In history this was originally the power of monarchs and churches, but now stateless corporations dominate the globe, All countries are powerless against their financial might.
Chocolate is the colour of comfort food, consumed by people when they are distressed, afraid, without power or influence.
Pink is the colour of strawberries, though to look at they are red, like blood. People bleed when they have nothing left and nothing left to lose.
What is depicted by these colours is the condition of the land that arises from the increasing concentration of power and dismissal of feedback. So the apparent landscape in the picture really represents the same land under five different influences.
Pale blue equals natural balance.
Grey equals greed.
Purple equals privilege.
Brown equals fear.
Red equals conflict.
Under the ice cream is a mountain, streams that come down the mountain are in different colours so they represent the five ages of the mountain. These coloured streams flow into the river of time, colouring the water as it heads out to sea to disappear in the vortex of consequence, consequences manifest after actions, sometimes many generations into the future. The different coloured boxes at gradually pile up against the mountain as the ages progress can be seen as shipping containers and represent the scrappage of our economy. The more out of balance the economy becomes the more rubbish it produces.
Opposite the mountain is a more gentle landscape and the landscape changes through the ages from being lush and fertile becoming a desert, the rivers flowing from the Land show how the corruption destroys the land over time.
In between the sea and the not sky is the fog of the future, because it is not given to us to see our future and to know how things will turn out. All we can do is try our best to be DES and hope that things turn out well.
In the not sky there are symbols, there is a lonely earth without life. On its right is star with four points it is like a plus sign and next to that is a U (you), the U is shaped like a horseshoe so that U will be lucky. Next to U is an equal sign that is also the silhouette of two fishes swimming in opposite directions to represent give and take. Finally there is a happy earth surrounded by many Us, which is smiling because we have given it the power to flower.
Planette Earth and you equals the power to flower.

Note: I decided to paint my desk as an aide memoir, to remind me what I was trying to achieve. The picture is painted so that when you look at it from an angle the perspective and proportions are as they were intended. This photo was taken with the desk leaning up against a wall. different angles can be see at this link: Click Here.